Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thank Yous

I just received this sweet thank you note from one of my February clients. We have the BEST clients - seriously, the sweetest.
We are so so SO incredibly thankful for everything you did to help our wedding be the success that it was. That entire weekend was amazing and we both agree-"the best weekend of our lives"! I would not have survived/enjoyed Saturday without your help. I still don't know if there were any snaffoos because you did an awesome job of handling EVERYTHING! I recently was watching a reality show episode where one of the cast members was getting married and everything just seemed so disorganized, despite having a coordinator. While watching, all I could keep thinking was "oh my gosh....I can't even imagine" and thankfully, I did not! You were organized, prompted, detail oriented, and professional the entire process, from the first phone call (before we were even engaged) until Chateau Bellevue was locked up on Saturday night. 
Coincidentally, I just yesterday happened across the thank you that my mom wrote to my own "day of" wedding planner while I was honeymooning, over 11 years ago. Moms are the best - thanks Mom!

Lots of warm fuzzies, this chilly day. :)


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