Tuesday, December 30, 2014

You're engaged! Now what...?

If you're one of the many couples to get engaged over the holiday break, congratulations! You're already experiencing the excitement and celebration - enjoy it! But before you dive into planning, take a moment to prioritize your first few steps. Here are my recommendations to get started:

  1. When and where. It's best not to pick an exact date but rather a timeframe (such as March 2016). The flexibility afforded by avoiding an exact date will allow you to select your wedding venue based on a space you love, rather than one that has the perfect date available. Will you be getting married locally, or would you like for your wedding to be in another town/state/country? Again, no need to try to nail down a venue yet - just a geographic area.
  2. The money talk. Though it's usually an uncomfortable talk, it's best to get the money talk done  right away so that expectations are clear from the start. Who will be contributing what - once you have this nailed down, you'll have a clear start in your wedding planning.
  3. Hire a wedding planner. Once you know the when, where and how, the next crucial step is to add an experienced planner to your team. Your planner will keep the entire planning process pleasant while giving you the guidance needed to create an event that celebrates you and this decision you've made to do life together.
Enjoy this time! And congratulations. :)


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