Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to Keep Rain from Ruining Your Wedding Day

When we dream of our wedding day as little girls, we never dream it will be set in the middle of a rainstorm, thunderstorm or worse (here in Houston, hurricanes and tropical storms are a possibility several months out of the year).  However, now that you are engaged, this is something you must consider.  Don't make the mistake of being an ostrich (by sticking your head in the sand) when it comes to increment weather.  It happens!  And it does NOT have to ruin your day.  Here is how...

  1. Before you ever select a venue for your ceremony / reception, ask yourself one very important question:  How would I feel if it rains on my wedding day?   If the answer to that question is, "NOOOO!  It can't rain!" … choose an indoor venue.  In fact, if on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being "NO!"), you are a 6 or above … choose an indoor venue.  Rain is not something that can be controlled (and judging from the typical weatherman, it's not something that can be well-predicted either).  If that uncontrollable element would ruin your day, remove it from the equation by selecting an indoor space.  
  2. If you are a 5 or below on the scale above, then you could likely choose a venue with an outdoor event option.  However, make certain that you have a "Plan B" in place.  And make sure you are completely comfortable with that Plan B.  If you are not comfortable with the venue's rain option … don't choose that venue.  
  3. Once you have selected a venue and are comfortable with the rain option it has, keep that Plan B in mind during the planning process.  Will the decor you selected work if it rains?  Will the musicians you selected be okay if it rains?  How do the photographers you interview feel about rain?    These questions don't need to be at the forefront of your thoughts.  However, they should be asked and you should be comfortable with the answers before hiring the vendor.  
  4. If you are hosting your wedding in a city / state were severe weather could occur (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.), purchase an insurance policy.  Many companies (including your homeowners insurance) can write one-time policies that cover weddings.  
  5. Enjoy the day, regardless of the weather.  Embrace it!!  Overcast clouds can often make for the best outdoor picture lighting.  Fun boots, umbrellas and a smile add to those pictures as well.  (Here is a great example of a rainy-day wedding that turned out beautifully.  It was a wedding I coordinated a couple of years ago, and it was published in Style Me Pretty soon after.)  Google "rainy day wedding" and you'll find lots of beautiful images to help ease your worry.  :)
Happy planning!!

Picture taken by Jessica Moore, with her iPhone during a rainy ceremony.  :)

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