Thursday, April 03, 2014

Traditions To Celebrate: German Bridal Cup

Melissa and Jeremiah were married almost two weeks ago and while planning their wedding, I learned a {new to me} tradition. The German Bridal Cup has such a fun story and it adds such an interactive experience for your guests to watch during toasts. It's also a great homage to your family's heritage!

According to the legend, Kunigunde, a noble mistress in the town of Nuremberg, fell in love with a young, ambitious goldsmith and wanted to marry him instead of the many rich and titled suitors who already asked for her hand.

Kunigunde's father reluctantly made a deal with his daughter. If the goldsmith could make a chalice from which two people could drink at the same time without spilling a single drop, her lover would be freed and the couple could marry.

Inspired by his love, the goldsmith created a masterpiece. He fashioned a chalice in the shape of his true love with a hollow skirt that served as a cup, and upraised arms that held a bucket from which a second drinker could sip. With the challenge met, the nobleman freed the young man and allowed the couple to marry.

To this day, the chalice remains a symbol of love, faithfulness, and good luck and is used during the wedding toast.

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Carol Leonhardt said...

This is a beautiful story!