Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fourth Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The traditional fourth wedding anniversary of fruit and flowers is said to represent creativity, fertility, hope, and renewal. Now, fruit and flowers seems pretty self explanatory, but there are some fun options out there!

Of course having flowers delivered is always a welcomed gesture, but does your bride like something a bit more hands on? Check out Year of Seeds; this kit contains 12 small earthenware pots and a different flower to grow each month. How adorable! Still looking for something not so expected? You're in luck because flowers are all the rage in fashion these days. A beautiful statement necklace would be lovely!
necklace | year of seeds | fresh flowers
Who wouldn't want a fruit basket delivered to your doorstep every month? But let's try and think outside the box a bit. When I think of fruit, I automatically associate it with a great bottle of wine {or champagne!}. Or you can also buy all of the ingredients, plan a date night at home, and make your own fruit infused alcohol. Quality time together and doing something out of the ordinary are sure to please!
veuve | fruit infused alcohol | fresh fruit

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