Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Weddings to Celebrate: Mine!

My husband and I were married 8 years ago today.  When I met him 10.5 years ago, I knew within 15 minutes that I wanted to keep him around for a while.  I had no idea a while would turn into a lifetime … but I am certainly glad it did.  Even after 2 children, I still consider it the happiest day of my life.  (Hey..let's face it...I wasn't in any pain that day.  haha).

Obviously these pictures look dated.  However, I hope you enjoy them anyway :)

Happy planning!

I like this one because it seemed so small and simple.  You can't see our wedding party, families or guests.  In this moment, it was just about us and God.   
And I like this one because I think it shows exactly how I feel about Gabe.  I'm in awe of him.  
This was such a fun moment!  The photographers were stopping cars in every direction.  The ones you see in the picture were honking in congratulations. 

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