Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are an amazing way for guests to remember your wonderful day. A wedding favor provides a memento for your guests to take home and reflect on the lovely day they shared with you. I love when wedding favors reflect a couple. Wedding favors could remind the guests of your shared interest with your significant other, the wedding theme, cultural traditions, or religious beliefs. The list could go on. Make your wedding favor something special, even though it is small, it can definitely add that special touch on the end of the night.

My cousin provided CD's of her and her husbands favorite songs. I loved this idea, because you learn more about the couple on a personal level. Plus, the CD is full of songs that the bride and groom both enjoy. A CD is something that a guest can use for a long time, and every time the CD is played they are reminded of your wonderful day.

Another great way to remind guests of your special day is having a wedding favor that reflects the location of the party. If you have a wedding in Vegas, chocolate shaped poker chips will definitely remind them of your wonderful occasion. If you are planning on being married at the beach, a nautical themed wedding favor provides that extra spark for your guests.

Another amazing gift to send guests off with is a sample of  your favorite food or condiment. A food or condiment is also a great way to share a treasure from a particular culture. For example, a family from Texas could send their guests off with their favorite BBQ sauce, or hot sauce.

Another great idea is sharing your favorite hobby with your guests. A couple who loves to golf  together could send a new golf ball and tee with their wedding date stamped on the side. A hobby shared together is the best kind and sharing it with your guests is even better.


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