Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Unique Bouquets

I have to confess that since I started working in weddings I became obsessed with flowers. Playing with the different types of flowers, their shapes and colors is always fun. They can definitely give a special touch to your wedding ceremony or reception. 
In the other hand, if you are a person like me who is always trying to find unique ways to change traditional things, it might have come to your mind the question "does it always need to be flowers?". Although I consider that flowers are very important at any wedding, I do believe that you can have fun with things like your bouquet and your bridesmaids bouquets. 
Here are some ideas of how you can change the flowers for something more unique. 

Jewelry Bouquets

I find this bouquet so elegant. You can add your favorite pieces of jewelry and play with different colors and textures. 

Origami Bouquets 

I'm an origami fan and this has to be one of my favorite bouquets. Specially if you are planning to have a DIY wedding 

Pine Cone Bouquets

These will look nice at a winter wedding! simple and rustic

Dried Flowers Bouquets

I have always been a fan of rustic weddings, and I LOVE this bouquet. You can be sure that these flowers will last forever.

Ribbon Bouquets

Have fun playing with ribbons and their different textures and colors. If you have some free time on your hands you can also distract your mind by creating some of these beautiful flowers. 

                                                      *All the pictures were found on Pinterest*

Have fun, enjoy and create! 


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