Thursday, February 02, 2012

Wedding Dress Rental

For many brides the thought of spending upwards of $3000 on a designer wedding dress is absolutely daunting. Spending that much money on an item of clothing that you're only going to wear once can appear ridiculous. When planning my wedding, I always thought it odd that men had the option of renting tuxedos, which they could wear over and over again, while women were expected to purchase their wedding dresses, which they only wore once. Well the bridal industry has finally wised up and bridal consignment and rental shops are popping up all over the country. In Houston, Milad Bridal, is the only bridal salon where brides and former brides can consign, purchase and/or rent wedding dresses. Yes, brides can finally rent wedding dresses! Now to some, this may seem odd and not the route they would pursue with their wedding dress. But for others, it's the perfect solution--they get to wear a designer wedding dress at a fraction of the cost! Check out some of the inventory at Milad Bridal:

Romona Keveza

Kenneth Pool

Jorge Manuel

Interior of salon

Ines di Santo

Happy Planning!

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