Wednesday, January 18, 2012

May I Show You to Your Seat?

One of the most complex things involved in planning your wedding is figuring out where everyone should sit at your reception. Some couples opt to let everyone sit wherever they choose - which is perfectly fine. But know that if you go this route, most tables will not be completely full (so plan to have quite a few more chairs than you do guests) and some families may have a hard time finding enough seats to sit together. While assigning guests to tables (or to certain seats if you prefer) requires more prep work, guests will be thankful that you've eliminated the guesswork in figuring out where to sit.

So if you elect to have assigned seating, then you'll need to have escort cards of some sort so that your guests will know where to sit. You can get creative with displaying (and distributing) the cards:

or you can go for a traditional display.

The main point is to make sure guests can find their card easily - its usually best to sort the cards alphabetically.

Happy Planning!

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