Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter is just around the corner. No, really it is. I know that's hard to believe when its 72 degrees outside today, but the first day of winter is just over 5 weeks away. Getting married in Texas in the winter months means taking a gamble as to what kind of weather you'll have on your wedding day.

(Wait, who am I kidding? Getting married in Texas means taking a gamble as to what kind of weather you'll have unless you're getting married in July or August. In which case it will be hot. Really, really hot.)

The reality is that those planning to get married in Texas will probably never get to have a Winter Wonderland Wedding. But I love cold weather...so let's dream.

Photo credit: Here Comes the Blog

Photo credit: Pintrest

Photo credit: Pintrest

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Happy Holiday Season! Dream of snowflakes, gingerbread houses, apple cider, and fireplaces while we wait for the cold weather to come our way.


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Resha Zazueta, STC said...

We can absolutely have a winter wonderland in Texas. Check out Rozalyn and Michael's wedding that I coordinated in January 2009...