Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Shamelessly Asking for Your Love...

Dear Clients - past and current,
The Knot is hosting a sort of competition, comparing each city's vendors against each other in order to produce a "best of" list. Sure, we've won this "competition" four years now, but we're not
resting on our laurels. And, ok, we might be a bit competitive. ;) A bit.
The competition ends November 4th! They use the reviews posted on The Wedding Channel website to gauge the awesomeness of the competing vendors. If you've got a minute (and, really, it takes just a minute!), would you please post a review? The star rating is most important, then just add a line or two of comments (or more, if you'd like!).
We hope that you love working with us and that you're willing/wanting to tell the world! :) And if your mom wants to write a review to, we hope she will! And your dad, and your maid of honor, and your ushers, and.... there's no limit on who can love us. Haha!
Here are the links:
Thank you! GO STC, GO!!!

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