Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sweet Treats

Wanting to get away from the traditional wedding cake or looking for a sweet addition? Take a look at these ideas that will keep you and your guests sweet tooth happy and wanting more :)

Cake Balls

courtesy of Sweet Tooth
Cake balls are a great way to still get all the cake you want but in bite size portion. Perfect for couples, who want many different flavors, and the picky cake eaters :)


courtesy of Wedding Cupcakes
Cupcakes, like cake balls, are great for couples that want many different flavors and still want the cake. Cupcakes can also be decorated in many different ways, either to go with your theme or put a fun twist on it and allow your guests to decorate their own!


courtesy of Martha Stewart
Yum! Who doesn't love the taste of some home-baked cookies? I don't know about you, but my sweet tooth is loving these ideas :)

Ice Cream

courtesy of 100 layer cake
Ice cream is a great for those hot summer weddings. You can choose to have it pre-made in mason jars or you can have an ice cream bar where your guests can be allowed to add their own toppings.


courtesy of pinterest
Great way to get your guests to reminisce, at your outdoor wedding, about being young and making s'mores around a warm campfire.


courtesy of pinterest
For those that don't like cake, pie is a great alternative. Pies remind me of fall and family so what a perfect choice for your upcoming fall wedding!

Dessert Shots

courtesy of Cupcake Couture
Signature dessert shots are another fun alternative that will keep your guests light and happy throughout the night.

Sweet Planning!


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