Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love from The Mother of the Bride

I found this letter in our office mail a couple of weeks ago. It, of course, made my day. I loved working with Diane and her daughter and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I can't wait to show you pictures!


And just in case you couldn't read the actual note, here it is:

Dear Resha,

Thank you for making my daughter, Emily's wedding fairy-tale perfect.
It was gorgeous and amazingly flawless (at least to me!). Your help at
eliciting all of the organizational structure along the way was instrumental in
making it a perfect party where I was able to feel like a guest too. It
truly was the prettiest wedding I've ever been too. It was every bit as
fabulous as any wedding - celebrity or ordinary - that I've seen written up and
featured in magazines.

You were marvelous at creating the line-up of all of the bridesmaids &
groomsmen and helping everyone to know their spot. (It's true that I got
mixed up but that was through no fault of yours!) The ceremony was
wonderful and the party afterwards was perfect! Everything was in its
place and done in flawless order. It made for such a pleasant party.
The band performed the few "Jewish" songs like they'd been doing it always and
Hava Nigela & dancing the hora were most definitely wonderful. Thank
goodness you spotted the fact that we'd never discussed it and helped plan for
it. I loved the huppah being used as a focal point first for the wedding,
followed by using it to showcase the wedding cake and then for the banana split
bar too. It was truly magnificent. Thanks for getting the whole
candy buffet set up in advance. It was fun and festive and made a lot of
impact early on. Thanks for all that you did to arrange with each and
every purveyor to do what they were supposed to do - all at the right time,
place, and according to specifications. Thanks for your marvelous
suggestion of arranging for the horse and carriage. It was a storybook
ending to a gorgeous wedding!

Your system for eliciting answers to all of the blank spaces on your forms
was so well done and helpful. You made it all very easy to keep organized
and get everything squared away in advance.

I could never have carried off the wedding without you, although I
previously thought that I was a catering and party planning expert. Thank
you for everything you did in listening, designing, and creating a truly perfect
wedding in every way.

Diane A. Gelman

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