Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vendors to Celebrate: Elegant Beginnings, Inc.

Occasionally, a vendor comes around that is so amazing, so truly outstanding that he/she deserves a little special recognition. Jill Vidal, owner of Elegant Beginnings, Inc. is one of those rare finds. From the moment I met Jill, she captured my attention. She is incredibly easy to work with, always treats me with kindness, and exceeds my expectations at every event. She has been nothing short of extraordinary. I like working with good people who offer an exceptional product and/or service at a fair price. I believe how they treat me is a direct reflection on how they will treat my clients – and I am always confident that my clients are in VERY good hands with Jill and her team.

To learn more about Jill and Elegant Beginnings Inc., please read below…

photo credit: David Jones Photography

Resha: In your previous life, what was your career?

Jill: In my previous life I was a famous dancer. Tap and Hip Hop, Not pole dancing...that will be the next life.

R: Why did you open your rental business?

J: I originally opened EB to have a very small hobby/business to keep my excessive energy managed while being a stay-at-home mom. Little did I know, what a huge success it would become, thus postponing my family plans until 2004 in order to properly position the business and introduce warehouse and growth forecasts.

R: Why weddings?

J: Elegant Beginnings, Inc., provides linens and decor for any type of special event, however weddings are huge part of our design and production focus. Weddings are about the union of two people and reflect the bride and groom's history, spirit, and creative visions. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know my clients, their families, and their goals for the future and am literally fed by the excitement each bride has about her wedding.

R: What sets you apart from other Houston rental companies?

J: EB offers one of the largest selection of linens in the state. We mix no bones about our internal mission statement " If we don't have, we'll make it." What truly sets us apart is our customer service and our sincerest desire to provide a quality product for events of all kinds and budgets. Our positive attitude and quick response time has labeled us the "Linen 911'ers."

R: What's your number one rental-related tip for brides?

J: Get a Wedding Planner and enjoy the process

R: Funky chicken or Macarena?

J: Macarena

R: Have you had a defining moment?

J: Professional - Premiering on Platinum Weddings for two different incredible weddings in Houston. Personal - Giving birth to my beautiful children. Grace and Jack

R: If you have "down" time, how do you spend it?

J: Playing with my kids, cooking with my husband, and hanging out with my awesome friends and family.

R: Why do you prefer that your clients hire a wedding coordinator?

J: It helps keep the detail organized. A bride should be focussed on projecting her creativity to have her most perfect day, not keeping binders, contracts and timelines.

Jill - Every time I talk to you, I walk away from the conversation with a smile on my face. I look forward to our next 1000 events together :-)

Much love,

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