Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love from a Bride

Emails like this just make my day. I love Erin. I would coordinate a wedding for her again any day.

Just looked at your blog and wanted to thank you for the kind words about our wedding. My mom and I agree that you were the best decision we made during the entire process. Everyone is still talking about the wedding and how wonderful it was. One thing that was mentioned to my Mom by several of her friends was how relaxed we all were and how well the wedding flowed. That was absolutely because of you! My parents actually went to the bar with all of our friends after the wedding! So glad that they could enjoy themselves instead of being exhausted from runnning around trying to keep everything on time. You handled everything perfectly and were able to make 550 "country folk" actually sit down and have a nice meal! After it was over, I was hoping that you wouldn't think I was a "bridezilla"! I'm actually a very laid back person, but I didn't want that day to be chaotic! Dolly and Mary love you and said they wish they could work with you at every wedding they do! I will recommend you to anyone I know that is getting married. Thank you again for such a nice blog about us and our family and friends. Will be seeing you soon at Heather's wedding!


Much love,

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