Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love from the Mother of the Bride

On Sunday, I coordinated the fabulous marriage celebration of Mimi and Ken. More on their wedding soon! I was thrilled to receive the following email yesterday from the mother of the bride.

Jessica, now that the out of town guests have gone, the 18 pole lamps are quietly sitting in my living room awaiting their fate, and all the tamaleras are clean and put away, I can  reflect upon Mimi and Ken's wedding.
It was a beautiful and fun event.  It went totally without a hitch.  Thank you for making it so.  You made sure all of us were at our places at the time we needed to be there and for making sure the venue was perfectly set up on schedule. 
You did a fantastic and fabulous job.  Jewish weddings can be complicated. They have many layers and traditions that must be orchestrated to perfection to be able to reach the desired outcome.  This wedding was especially complex.  Not only did you have to manage the intricacies of a Jewish wedding with the Tish, Kabbalat Panim, Ketubah signing, Bedeken, Wedding ceremony, Yichud, reception, and dance you also had to manage the traditions and idiosyncrasies of the Garcia and Cameron clans--from finding a caterer who would heat the 90 dozen tamales I made, to incorporating a 22-piece jazz band in the processional.
You and your staff managed everything perfectly.  You were calm, cool and collected through every single stage, guiding the wedding party and the vendors through their assigned tasks and responsibilities with the skill of an orchestra director, the grace of an experienced diplomat, and the smile of a beauty queen.  I specially appreciate the assistance you gave the family with the collection of all the personal effects after the reception.
Frank and I were able to enjoy our daughter's wedding knowing every detail was taken care of.  
Thank you for a fantastic and awesome job.  I truly appreciate and admire your work.
Thanks again,
Lupe, Mother of the Bride
November 7, 2010
Austin, Texas

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Lorena Alexandria Molina said...

Yeaaaa Sounds like a great wedding!