Friday, September 24, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Studio 563, Craig Davis

Central Texas is blessed with many excellent photographers. And one of the best in the business is Craig Davis and the Studio 563 team. Working with them is a like a paid vacation. Sharp, talented, creative and a-typical. The 563 crew is the perfect example of what wedding photography should be.

To learn a little more about Craig, please read below:

Resha: In your previous life, what was your career?

Craig: I was the Music Director/Band Leader at our church for six years

R: Why did you become a photographer?

C: I loved shooting and had experienced the ability to bring smiles to people's faces and when I found out that I could earn more than I was I thought it was worth the shot!

R: Why weddings?

C: Truthfully it is where I got my start. But now it is knowing that it takes a special person to provide the experience people need on that day and I feel it is something that comes natural to me.

R: What sets you apart from other houston wedding photographers?

C: You know once you reach a certain bar of talent in this world there is really only personality that makes the biggest difference in my opinion. I believe I am someone that people can trust and are comfortable with and that is crucial on these very special days.

R: What's your number one photography-related tip for brides?

C: Ahh. RELAX. Know what you want. Plan enough time and resources to get what you want, and enjoy your day. If pictures are "the most important thing", then plan your day with them i mind. Then... RELAX.

R: Funky chicken or Macarena?


R: What's the most impressive thing you've done in post-production editing?

Learning that less is more. The worst thing that ever happened to photography in my opinion is when Photoshop became a verb. If a client wants the walls to have a color wash on them in the reception then hire a lighting guy. Post processing gets really bad really quick when you try and make an image something it was never captured to be. So I believe it is reaching the place where editing serves the image as it was intended to be.

R: If you have "down" time, how do you spend it?

C: Oh man do I love my down time. I like to spend time with my lovely wife. I also thoroughly enjoy being in the woods. Hunting and fishing is the best escape in the world for me.

R: Why do you prefer that your clients hire a wedding coordinator?

C: Are you kidding?!? Well lets see. There is actually a chance that the day will run smoothly. A timeline is followed. I do not have to tell grown adults how to cut a cake. But the most important thing is that there is someone there making sure that everyone has what they need to ensure the greatest opportunity for success in producing the client's dream wedding. The only discount that we constantly run is given to people who work with a coordinator. That is how important we believe it is to the success of the day.

Craig - You know I think the world of you and your team. I am blessed to be able to call you a friend, and many of my clients are blessed to call you their photographer. Cheers!

xoxo, Resha

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