Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Plus One

When budgeting for your wedding expenses, the biggest factor to consider is your anticipated guest count. Before you have a clear idea of how many guests you're expecting, you are not well-equipped to dive into wedding planning. Not only is an accurate anticipated guest count steer you to an appropriately sized venue for your celebration, it also helps you determine a large portion of your budget. Many brides assume that the guest count just affects the food bill - not so! There's food and beverage, but there's also rentals - a seat on the bus, a chair at the ceremony, a chair at the reception, a table for that reception chair, a linen for that table, a centerpiece on that linen, a pinspot on that centerpiece... it all adds up! Additionally, more guests = more labor = more money. The per person cost will vary by menu and rental selections, but you can expect to pay an average of $90-150 per guest for your wedding.

Beware the courtesy invite! You know that distant relative you've never met, who lives in another country. Your co-workers at the job you just recently started. Your boss. Your friend from college who you don't talk to anymore. Your parents' friends. And then, that guest may bring a date!
If you invite them, be prepared for them to say Yes!

While 75% of the invited actually attend, you can not plan around that guess/hope - I've planned weddings where 50% rsvped Yes, and weddings with 100%! You just never know, so be prepared and plan for 100% just in case. Then, if you end-up having more than 75% attend, you can accommodate them in both your venue space and budget.

Happy planning!

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