Thursday, August 05, 2010

Walking the Walk

I love having little ones participate in a wedding. However, when dealing with toddlers, you have to understand that they are not always going to do exactly what we want them to. Here are a few of my tried-and-true tricks for helping them get down the aisle as smoothly as possible:

a) Talk it up. Tell her how much fun it will be and how she is going to be the best little flowergirl ever.

b) Don't give them too many instructions. Don't bother with trying to tell them to walk slowly or more quickly or this way or that. Just tell them to walk to so-and-so and leave it at that. Little minds can't deal with too many instructions.

c) I'm not above bribery. My favorite: "If you make it all the way to so-and-so, I'll give you a piece of cake later tonight."

d) Don't have the parents wait in the back. Instead, have them seated in the front where they can easily be spotted.

e) Be prepared to have the maid or matron-of-honor walk with her if necessary.

Above all, always remember if you decide to have a cutie patutie proceed you down the aisle on your big day, roll with the punches and laugh if things don't end up exactly as you planned. That's the beauty of children: they are unpredictable.

Happy planning! Resha :-)

Special Note: Thank you to Erika with Azini Photography for capturing this amazing picture of my daughter at my sister-in-law's wedding in July ... the cutest little pea in the sea and best flower girl ever. But I'm not partial.

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Azini Photography said...

Completely true and awesome advice Resha. When I shot Lisa/Tom's wedding, I heard your little Cutie Pie say, "Look mommy, I did it". It was so adorable.