Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Signature Style

"Exciting news!" read the email sitting in my inbox. "This is your one and only opportunity to showcase your signature style to over 150,0000 eager {brides} searching for the perfect ideas for their wedding. Not an ad but a platform to express your style, expertise and Professional Advice to Texas brides!"

This email literally made me cringe - does anyone else see the problem here? My brides' weddings are not about MY signature style! There are certain coordinators who have boxed themselves into the same habits - "She always hangs candles in that window" or "He always uses hydrangeas." So sad! It shouldn't be about what is appealing or easy for the coordinator, it's about what best reflects the personalities and tastes of the bride and groom. You won't see MY style unless it's MY wedding (back in 2003).

Make sure that your vendors really get your vision, and only hire vendors that you trust will make YOUR vision a reality. In every little detail, your guests should see you - after all, you and your fiance are the reason your guests have flown across the country. Your wedding is a celebration of you and your new marriage, not a platform for a wedding planner to express his/her own signature style.

Happy planning!

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