Thursday, August 26, 2010

Name Change Made Easy

When I came back from my honeymoon, back to reality, on July 2nd I had a moment of panic, I have to change my name! I started with a bang and knocked out my social security card within the first week of my return. As I got back into my regular routine the changing of my name slowly came to a halt, until a friend told me about the website MissNowMrs.
MissNowMrs. is your one stop name changing shop. After you create your account you will be asked a series of general questions, as well as more specific ones for your state. Your answers to the questions will be used to auto complete your Social Security, IRS 8822, U.S. Passport, USPS, State Driver's License and State Voter Registration forms as well as notification letters to all your creditors. Each form or letter prints out with a detailed filing instruction sheet. The instruction sheet includes the order of form submission, fees, required filing documents, office locations/addresses, as well as insider tips on how to file the easiest way possible. The convenience MissNowMrs. provides is well worth the $29.95 fee.
Thanks to MissNowMrs. I am back on track and heading off to the DMV this morning with completed forms in hand! :)

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