Monday, August 23, 2010

Couples to Celebrate: Morgan & Chris

Meet Morgan and Chris! When Morgan and I spoke, we clicked almost instantly. And once she told me where she was having her wedding...I was totally hooked. Their wedding is not going to be typical by any means, and I am so excited to help them pull everything together. Read more about them below...

Names: Chris Applegate and Morgan Medina

Wedding Website: (still a work in progress ;) )

Where's Home? Originally Houston, but we now call Austin home!

Why a Houston Wedding? Most of our family and friends live in Houston, plus we were still living in Houston when we got engaged.

Length of engagement? We will have been engaged 10 months by the wedding… but it feels like forever!

How long until the wedding? 11 weeks, 5 days, 7 hours, 31 minutes, and 45 seconds…44…43…42…

Who did you first tell you were engaged? Well, Chris popped the question on Christmas Eve while opening gifts with Morgan’s family, so they all knew about it first. We kept it a secret from everyone else until the next evening when we told all of Chris’ family at Christmas dinner. We told a few friends in person over the next couple of days, but then, in a gracious nod to Mark Zuckerberg, we let Facebook do the rest…

If you had to start over in your wedding planning, what one thing would you do differently? Eloped! Just kidding. We probably would have gone to more bridal shows and open houses once we had a better idea of what we were looking for. If you are just getting started, the shows are a good help in getting lots of vendor contacts and ideas, but it can be overwhelming. I think we should have gone to a show, picked up a lot of cards, done some research at home, then gone to the next show or open house to see what kind of prices we could negotiate.

During the ceremony, who will be the first to cry? Chris. He’ll probably be in tears all day. Maybe even at the rehearsal the night before…

What are your three favorite blogs/websites (besides STC's)? 1. Offbeat Bride. Great for some not so traditional wedding ideas. 2. Etsy. Cake-toppers, jewelry, veils, invitations, dresses. A great source for all those tangible things you’ll need for the big day, traditional or not. 3. Google Image/Flickr. We highly recommend searching to the end of the internet for wedding images. Bookmark anything that jumps out at you so you have a sort of reference catalog to turn to when you’re eyeball deep in planning and losing track of your vision.

Why did you hire a wedding coordinator? OR When selecting someone to entrust with your wedding day, why did you choose STC? We fell in love with a venue that is an art gallery by day, so we have to handle the table and chair rental and set up, decorations, catering coordination, and so on ourselves. We really need a day-of coordinator to make sure all goes smoothly. We chose STC after talking with Resha over the phone. She was extremely nice and has been very helpful. We trust that with her help all will go well. :-)

Guys - I am really looking forward to your big day!
xoxo, Resha

Special note: The adorable furbaby in their picture is their ringbearer, Lola. :-)

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